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Antique beds are often difficult to refit with mattresses. Me will make make you a special size in just a few days. 

Fitting an antique bed is a problem. Things to watch for are width and length. They often vary over distance so that a bed may be wider at the foot than the head, or even wider in the middle. This goes for the length as well. They may even measure up perfectly, but be a parallelogram rather than a rectangle. The way to check this is to do it twice. The first time, check all four corners with a square. Then double check by measuring the diagonals.

The mattress we will make will be a rectangle, so you must be sure of the actual rectangular shape the mattress has to be.

Next is the issue of clearance for your hands to fit between the mattress and the rails, or the mattress and the head and foot boards. There must be room to get your hands in all the way around in order to be able to tuck in the sheets.

Finally, if you will be ordering a box spring, its height will have to be determined. Finally we are ready to select the actual mattress specifications.

The mattress can be made in any thickness, with or without a layer of memory foam top and bottom, (so you can flip it.) Consider memory foam only on one side. That way, you can have it or not, depending how you wind up liking it.

We recommenced only 2-1/2 pound per cubic foot polyurethane foam. Another option ( if you have plenty of money), is latex. We believe a latex antique bed mattress to be the best there is, but not that much better than the top urethane foam.

Perhaps a standard size will fit.  if so, you may select from the sizes below, if not, click the custom link, and let us know your requirements.


  Width Length Price Order
Twin 39 75 $425
Twin Extra 39 80 $430
Full 54 75 $500
Full Extra 54 80 $510
Queen 60 80 $680
King 76 80 $790
Calif. King 72 84 $800
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